I Am Athlete

I Am Athlete: I Am Athlete podcast is a candid, unscripted weekly discussion between Brandon Marshall and former NFL greats. This series explores budding talent in unique sports while discussing the more philosophical experiences and ideas behind it.


IAA had just finalized their first season and experienced some growth in their audience base (less than 10%). They were spending too much time on production vs. creating meaningful content. Brandon, the founder, knew he could do better! He worked with JF to identify opportunities with the goal of simultaneously increasing the number of episodes launched and production quality. Jersey Filmmaker dove deep and highlighted the need for consistent, higher-quality content that could reach their audiences through various mediums.


We started by detailing the vision, understanding goals and analyzing processes with IAA. The 15+ years of filmmaking experience have given us the street cred to improve the look and feel of the show through higher-quality production and delivered more efficient workflows by capturing multiple shows at once.  We also delivered on strategic opportunities by tapping into our extensive network of sports’ venues, players, and personalities to invite guests who could attract a more engaged following and create more insightful conversations.


Our new and improved post-production workflow was able to cut the turnaround time for a one-hour weekly episode (which included up to 7 cast members, more than 7 cameras, and promotional content for each cast member) to as little as two days in total.  

It took our experienced filmmaking studio fewer than 9 months to:

  • Collaborate on 5 different shows producing and delivering a total 64 episodes and amplified it with 1000+ promos (drove Audience growth)
  • Grew YouTube subscribers over 2000% (from 30k to 650k) in less than eight months (mic drop)
  • Generated 51M views

Drove 1.5B+ impressions across various channels (pick the mic up and drop it again)


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