The Cinematic Approach To Advertising

How do you make your brand's voice heard? How do you get it to permeate through a target audience, or how do you even attempt to build an audience in the first place? The answer is through emotions, through feelings and perhaps through a story. This is where the world of film production converges with the ad space.

If we look at cinema as a language, complete with its own vocabulary and grammar, we’ll find it provides the perfect conduit to convey your brand's message; what your company stands for. Unlike mainstream video production, film production functions at a higher level, allowing for a more intimate and elevated experience with potential clientele or consumers. These works have the potential to expedite growth and build a loyal following and it doesn't always have to cost a pretty penny. Sometimes all it requires is trust, ambition and a firm understanding of how the mechanics of the cinematic language operates.

Lighting and color conveys mood and creates a tone, characters carry perspective & emotions, and music & sound tie these elements together when telling your brand's story. The still below has been taken from a commercial we shot for a fitness/wellness brand. Notice the color, the lighting and the framing. There is a heightened level of production value and whether or not an audience is aware of that value, it’ll still communicate something to them on a subliminal level; trust and appeal, two key elements when marketing a product or telling your story.